The American Giants: Exploring the Work of Famous Anthropologists from the USA

important anthropologists

Anthropology, the study of human societies and cultures, has been shaped and influenced by various thinkers over the years. In the United States, several anthropologists have made significant and important contributions to the field. Let’s delve into the work of some of these famous anthropologists. Lewis H. Morgan: A Founding Father of Modern Anthropology and … Read more

Empowering Voices: The Best Quotes from Margaret Mead

quotes from Margaret Mead

Margaret Mead, a renowned cultural anthropologist, was a woman of wisdom and insight. Known for her works in Samoa and New Guinea, she brought forth a fresh perspective on cultural relativism and feminism. Today, we delve into some of most empowering quotes from Margaret Mead that continue to resonate with us. Margaret Mead – Quick … Read more

Jane Goodall – A Pioneering Primatologist

Jane Goodall - a pioneering primatologist

When she was a child, Jane’s father gave her a stuffed chimpanzee called Jubilee, which sparked her lifelong fascination of these primates. When she was ten years old, she read a book about Tarzan, which further fuelled her desire to one day live in Africa and work with animals.