“Cultural values are a web of linked concepts, fixed in time and space.”

Cultural values are a web of linked concepts, fixed in time and space

The cultural values of a specific society are interdependent and in a state of constant flux, evolving over time in reaction to advances in learning and technology or changes in the environment.

What are the key components of the anthropological perspective?

key components anthropological perspective

Anthropology is the study of human commonalities and diversity. There are three key components of the anthropological perspective – they are comparative or cross-cultural studies, holism and cultural relativism.

Dowry Deaths – When Dowries lead to Violence and Murder

Dowry deaths - Vismaya Nair with her brother Vijith Nair

India’s dowry system originated thousands of years ago, at a time when women could not inherit property. Parents who wanted to provide financial security for their daughters, who would otherwise end up penniless, bestowed a dowry to them when they got married. This gift of property, jewellery or other assets would be registered in the … Read more

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