Exploring Business Anthropology – The Secret Ingredient for Successful Localization Practices

business anthropology

Business anthropology utilizes anthropological methodologies to discover innovative answers to problems encountered in the business world. This specialized branch of anthropology takes a comprehensive view of the intricate dynamics between a business and its customers, examining the entire ecosystem within which the organization functions. Understanding Business Anthropology Business anthropology is a unique discipline that brings … Read more

The Dark History of Sugar


The commoditisation of products such as sugar is often linked to new forms of inequalities in the production process, as seen in the exploitative practices of colonisers and the labour conditions associated with sugar cultivation.

Edward Said, Orientalism and Aladdin

Orientalism (Said, 1978) and the ideas it showcases has been an important text in revolutionising certain concepts and etching out certain key concepts in the social sciences and literary studies. The aim of this short essay is to discuss different case studies assimilating aspects of Said’s literary piece and applying it to post-colonial examples. Foucault’s … Read more