Assimilation – How Minority Groups become part of the Dominant Culture

In sociology, assimilation is the process by which members of minority groups become members of the dominant mainstream culture. It is a gradual process of acculturation that usually takes place over several generations.

Assimilation can occur through intermarriage, education, and other forms of cultural contact. It usually results in the minority group adopting the values, beliefs, and practices of the majority group.

In some cases, assimilation can lead to the loss of the minority group’s cultural identity. This can happen when the minority group adopts the majority group’s language and customs to such an extent that they are no longer able to identify with their own culture.

Related Terminology:

Acculturation – the process by which members of one culture adopt the beliefs and practices of another culture.

Cultural identity – a sense of belonging to a particular culture.

Intermarriage – the marriage of members of different groups.

Mainstream culture – the dominant culture in a society.

Minority group – a group that is smaller than the majority group and has different cultural characteristics.

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