Ten Years in Prison for Husband Found Guilty of Dowry Death

The tragic story of Vismaya Nair was brought to a conclusion by a court in Southern India, which yesterday sentenced her husband, Kiran Kumar, to ten years in prison for hounding her to her death by suicide.

Kumar was convicted on the basis of the “dowry death” law, which enables the police to bring charges against people who are implicated in the deaths of women during the first seven years of marriage, for reasons related to their dowries.

Prior to the marriage of Kumar to Vismaya Nair, their families had agreed on a dowry that consisted of 100 gold sovereigns, an acre of land, and a car. However after the marriage ceremony took place, the groom immediately started asking for more. He complained that he wanted a more expensive car and requested more money.

In an attempt to pressure the Nair family into increasing the marriage payments, Kumar started to abuse his wife physically, verbally and psychologically. He isolated her from her family and friends, and even forced her to quit her job. One year after the marriage, the new bride died by suicide.

In 2020 the deaths of over 7000 women were linked to their dowries in India.

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