Inca-era grave found under a house in Lima, Peru

Archaeologists have discovered an Inca-era tomb that contains ceramics and priceless decorations in addition to cloth-wrapped human remains, under a house in the working-class neighbourhood of San Juan de Lurigancho in Lima, Peru’s capital.

The 500-year-old tomb held “several funeral packages,” each tightly wrapped in fabric, according to Julio Abanto, the chief archaeologist, who spoke to Reuters.

He said that those interred were likely members of the upper class of Ruricancho society, a group that lived in the area that is now Lima before the mighty Inca established their vast empire in the early 1500s.

“It’s amazing. I really have no other words to describe it.”

Hipolito Tica, the owner of the house in Lima

The Incas, known for their riches and intricate buildings like the highland royal refuge of Machu Picchu, were vanquished by Spanish invaders in 1532.

Numerous ancient artefacts from cultures that existed before and after the Inca have been discovered in the Lima district.

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