Educational Card Games on Spanish History by Ciudades en Juego

Educational Card Games on Spanish History by Ciudades en Juego

Do you want to learn more about Spanish history? If so, you should check out the educational card games related to Spanish history created by Ciudades en Juego. The packs focus on different dynasties of the Spanish monarchy across the ages, for example the House of Trastámara or the House of Habsburg. It’s a clever way of learning more about Spain while having fun.

It is often difficult to understand history because of a lack of familiarity with the characters’ names. This makes it difficult to comprehend the implications of different events, reducing knowledge to a series of dates and battles. These games help players develop an understanding of the people and historical foundations up to King Juan Carlos I, who abdicated less than two years ago.

These card sets are used for a variety of purposes. The goal of these card sets is to connect pairs of cards, form families, or utilize them as a memory game. In addition, the website includes a collection of classroom materials that were developed in collaboration with educators and education experts.

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