Bronze Age Fortress found in Ireland

Michael Gibbons, an archaeologist conducting fieldwork in park of Coole, in the Burren lowlands east of east of Gort in Co Galway, has uncovered what he claims is a Bronze Age castle that was most likely built between 800 and 1200 BC.

According to Gibbons, the centuries-old fort used the surrounding characteristics of the landscape as part of its defences. This is particularly the case with turloughs, low-lying limestone areas which becomes flooded in wet weather because groundwater wells up through the rock.

According to estimates, the fort measures roughly 400m north-south by 110m east-west, and several hundred people would have lived there. According to Mr. Gibbons, the location resembles a massive lake home that makes unique use of the turloughs and is situated in a surreal setting.

He anticipates that further investigation and analysis of LiDAR data from aerial surveys will show several Bronze Age round dwellings within the ramparts, despite the fact that much of it is hidden in deep woodland.

Seán Coistealbha, CEO of Muintearas, called it an amazing discovery and claimed it significantly increased the region’s archaeology.

“Enormous work would have gone into constructing it by men and women in ancient times. We are just skirting around the stone ramparts of this community with a wealth of information yet to be discovered.”

CEO of Muintearas (the Gaeltacht education project), Seán Ó Coistealbha
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