Is the Geisha on the verge of extinction?

Is the Geisha on the verge of extinction

The term Geisha refers to women who are traditional Japanese performance artists. They specialize in Japanese dance, music and singing and are easily recognized by their distinctive appearance. They wear elaborate kimonos and wigs, and paint their faces white. Geishas are not only artists, but also trained hosts. They entertain business men and other clients … Read more

Dowry Deaths – When Dowries lead to Violence and Murder

Dowry deaths - Vismaya Nair with her brother Vijith Nair

India’s dowry system originated thousands of years ago, at a time when women could not inherit property. Parents who wanted to provide financial security for their daughters, who would otherwise end up penniless, bestowed a dowry to them when they got married. This gift of property, jewellery or other assets would be registered in the … Read more

Indigenous Alaskans Host Their Annual Olympics

Indigenous Alaskans Host Their Annual Olympics

Every year athletes with Alaska Native Heritage from all over the world travel to Fairbanks in Alaska to compete in the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics (WEIO). The annual Olympics are an opportunity for Indigenous Alaskans to come together and keep their traditions alive. The competitive events at the games include: “[The WEIO] becomes more important year … Read more